Why Junify?

Enable Secure Remote Access

Support your remote workers by enabling them to access their cloud applications and VDIs from anywhere.

Cloud Access Security

Efficiently secure your cloud and better understand what resources your company is using.

Productivity for Your Team

Your authorized users will use Junify to quickly launch applications and resources from one platform making them more productive and effective at work.

Companies need a solution that provides security for their cloud centric network and increases productivity for end users

Cloud Access Security + Platform

Cloud Access Security

Manage access based on user, device, time, location, and biometrics, all with no user passwords.

Zero Sign On

Eliminate the need for end users to remember or enter any passwords. Make smartphone key to access all confidential information in the clould.

Cloud and VDI Platform

Access all cloud application and VDIs form on location.

Operational Integration

Users's working time and location feed into payroll process, billing, and audit records.

Clear Separation Between Business and Private Use

Historically, when you were in the office you were working and when you left the office, you were not working. Cloud resources and modern computing has blurred that line by making it easier than ever to work from anywhere.

When your Junify switch is "off", no data is shared between you and your company. When you turn your Junify switch to "on", you have access to and share information with your company. Junify creates a virtual office and enables you to work anywhere.

swtich on and off

Junify apps makes your office software

Junify runs both on iOS and Android. It manages your authentication data allow you to work more efficiently. You can also transfer your authentication to the desktop version of Junify.

what is junify

I love using Junify. It has helped me increase my profits and manage cost and labor better by reducing personal cell phone use at work. After using Junify for almost a year, I can't imagine running my businesses without it.

Scott Parmley, President of Hawaii Renovators
Hawaii Renovators, an Oahu based residential builder, has seen personal app usage decrease by more than 50% through the use of Junify with Focus. In addition, employee start and end times have become more accurate.

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