Junify Shared Account Management
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Modern cloud access control with Zero Sign-On®
that offers one-stop service for all needs

Modern cloud access control with Zero Sign-On® that
offers one-stop service for all needs

You can limit account usage by location and use session recording for maximum security, ensuring all activity is trackable. Junify will even let authorized users know the policy before using the account.
After configuring the access policy, select the user or group to issue the privileged account. Accounts will appear as cards on their Application List.
Users can access the account by simply clicking on the card to launch the application; without needing to enter credentials on the web or the mobile App.
Junify ensures authorized users know the session recording feature logs all activity while using the shared account. This recording is available to members using the account and their manager.
Custom access policy
Members card
Launch application
Session recording

Beyond Basic Credential Management:

Forget spreadsheets or traditional methods. Junify's dynamic approach ensures secure, streamlined management of sensitive credentials. When an employee departs, our system intuitively secures access points, keeping your data safe without the hassle of manual updates.

User Management
User Management

Redefining Session Security

Junify transcends the limitations of typical IDPs and password managers. Our innovative web session management in incognito mode offers unparalleled protection, preventing unauthorized credential use and securing your digital assets beyond the browser.

Context-Aware Access Control

Where and how your applications are accessed matters. Junify's context-based access management safeguards your data, ensuring secure usage environments - be it preventing financial data access from public spaces or securing HR tools in co-working locations.

User Management
User Management

Phishing-Proof Protection

In an era where privileged accounts are prime targets, Junify stands as a phishing-proof fortress. Our advanced security measures protect against even the most sophisticated phishing attempts, ensuring your most sensitive credentials remain impenetrable.

Shared Account Security and Accountability

Navigating shared accounts without compromising security can be challenging. Junify addresses this with robust audit logging and session recording, ensuring traceability and accountability, even in applications not designed for multiple users.

Second Validation - Token

Session Recording

Junify records all actions, mouse movements, and clicks when a shared account needs to be protected with higher security. The session recording feature can't be used for the per-user account of privacy concerns.

Junify Session Recording

Second Validation - Token

Audit Log

Whenever the access policy changes, a new authorized user has been added/removed, and all the access records, you can track back all related actions with timestamps, action, and operator.

Audit log

We handle secondary validation for your shared accounts

Productivity won't be blocked by services asking for validation codes or secret questions.
Junify will ensure your team members don't need to wait hours for IT to rescue them.

Second Validation - 2FA


If services require an extra layer of security, Junify can present authorized users with a 2FA code that it received from those services.

Second Validation - Secrect Question

Secret Question

The account owner can define secret questions and answers for the service. Answers will be presented to authorized users if they need to know your childhood pet's name or favorite sports.

Managing Shared Accounts is THAT easy with Junify.

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