A Secure Launchpad for Remote Workers

Use personal computers

Speed deployment and reduce cost by eliminating the need to issue hardware

Security and privacy maintained

Keep company data and desktops separate from personal data

Disaster Response Preparedness

Cloud based platform allows for rapid response during extreme situations

Companies need a solution that provides security for their cloud centric network and increases productivity for end users

Have Both Better Security and More Productivity

Historically, more security has meant less productivity. Junify has integrated security and a launchpad that allows both increased security of company data, yet easier access to that data for your team.

Enable your team to launch cloud applications that you provide them access to, quickly, easily, and securely. In addition, Junify can come with a virtual Windows 10 desktop hosted in the cloud. This means that even when your team is working from a personal computer, that they will actually be working from a desktop that you control.
Utilize personal mobile phones to secure access to your company data and launchpad. Not only is the phone turned into a key, but various data can be used (at the company's choice) to better secure the data, such as time, device MAC address, location, and biometric information.
End users often deal with the pain of multiple passwords, difficult to remember passwords, and password resets by writing them down near their computer, using the same password for multiple accounts, or saving them on their computer or browser. These are all security risks. Junify includes an advances SSO system that eliminates the need for end users to enter any passwords while using Junify.
While an employee is working, Junify provides increased transparency on what applications are being accessed and by who. This information allows for auditors and managers to better account for license use and data access.

Clear Separation Between Business and Private Use

One of the challenges of remote work has been either the need to provide equipment and security or have a mix of company and personal data on the employee's home computer. Cloud resources and the recent rush to remote working has blurred that line even further.

Junify helps to separate business and personal data both on home computers and on mobile devices.

swtich on and off

I love using Junify. It has helped me increase my profits and manage cost and labor better. After using Junify for almost a year, I can't imagine running my businesses without it.

Scott Parmley, President of Hawaii Renovators

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