About Junify

Workers that are not at a desk (desk free workers) are usually managed by phone or not at all. Junify was founded to help companies empower these employees by giving them the tools they need to communicate, access cloud resources, and complete business processes from their mobile devices. The company can share these tools and resources with their desk free workers in a way that keeps the data and passwords/security under company control. In addition to the Junify product, we support our customers with integration, customization, and consulting services.

We have offices in Palo Alto, California; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Tokyo, Japan. Our team includes former executives of technology companies and entrepreneurs with proven experience to help our customers.


Our Leadership Team

Dustin Shindo
Founder CEO
Hiroaki Yasutake
Co-Founder CSO, CIO, and CISO
Takashi Hamada
VP of Product Development