Handle accounts credentials and to level up security are painful

It's not an easy job to manage shared accounts and thousands of application credentials. An easy-to-use access management solution doesn’t always need fancy coding skills, and the enterprise-grade security can be done with a user-centered designed Interface


Authenticate by Junify App on member's mobile phone without any extra device


Launching the Junify web app in incognito mode by scanning the QR code with the Junify mobile app

End the session remotely

Terminate the web app session from your mobile app when you forget to logout from any service to keep your data safe

Everything happens safely
in private

Everything happens safely in private

Junify Web App can only be launched with Chrome or Microsoft Edge in Incognito/InPrivate mode to ensure the user can't reaccess SaaS services after terminating a working session. It's an extra layer to stay away from confidential leaking risk.

No Browser History

The site visit history won't be available to check after the current session ended

No Storable Credential

All credentials can't be saved on the device and not retrievable

We believe that security and privacy go hand-in-hand

Junify plays a gatekeeper role in giving the company and its employees a good balance for their high-standard security and personal privacy with modern access control solutions. Unlike other old-fashioned CASB or monitor solutions that secretly stalk members' screens or track mouse movement, we state the access policy transparently and make sure users are aware of it.

Company security

Security is the priority

The customizable access policy helps the company to ensure the data is secure and set up in mins with our user-centered design UI.

Member privacy

Protecting employees' privacy

Junify helps members keep their devices private when they are not working and don't have to worry about privacy.

Our CIO/CTO know you get a headache when your password leaks and your business looks terrible because someone vandals your DevOps account or shares funny meme gifs on your social media account.

So they design a better and no code shared account management solution when you need to share the privileged account with your HR.

Junifying all SaaS accounts in one place, securely.

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