Job Available

TITLE: Vice-President Application Product Development


• Develop and maintain scalable application framework and architecture.

• Create maintainable, testable code and implement both unit and automated testing.

• Develop mobile application and web pages that render consistently across platforms.

• Optimize performance and deal with performance issues in production environment.

• Gather project requirements.

• Troubleshoot system issues.

• Collaborate with designers in implementing UI.

• Write and maintain software documentation.

• Test all patches before deploying to production.

• Work with other senior managers to grow business.

•Will supervise 4 junior software engineer/developers.


• BS in Computer Science/Information Technology, or equivalent required.

• 2 years of experience as an application or software developer

· Experience with debugging and development skills in Ruby and TypeScript

· Experience and strong understanding of React and its implementation.

· Experience and strong knowledge of TCP/IP/HTTP/SSL protocols and their implementations.

· Experience with automating systems and deployments using tools such as Jenkins, Github, Jira, and Ansible.

· Experience with Objective C/ Swift/ Java / Golang.

· Experience handling complex and advanced coding concepts

· Deep understanding of authentication protocols such as SAML and OAuth, and experience implementing authentication servers for the protocols

· Experience in analyzing TCP/UDP raw packets to identify application usage pattens.

· Experience with IT development or software engineering practices or techniques.

· Knowledge and proficiency in database development.

· Knowledgeable of source control and branching strategies as well as unit testing and tools.

Hrs. per week

40 hours.

Location of Employment

Junify Corpation

Junify Corporation

470 Ramona Street

Palo Alto, California 94301

Please send resume to [email protected]