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Junify with Focus

Focus tracks the number of minutes an employee is on their mobile phone while at work (working switch turned on), but keeps the phone entirely private when the employee is not working. The result is a significant reduction in personal phone usage while at work.

  • Private Only aggregated minutes by category is shared with the employer. What is said/done on the app is not sent to Junify or the employer.
  • Positive Employees like Focus because the highest users of smart phones tend to spend more time working, creating a more fair working environment.
  • Customizable White list certain apps and determine set thresholds for what is a "gold" standard of phone usage.
  • Shared Upside Focus provides for a small stipend to employees for allowing their phone to be used at work increasing job satisfaction.

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Junify Pro Plan

The Junify Pro Plan includes all features except for Focus. It allows desk free workers to clock in/out and access information from the mobile phones. All resources are managed and controlled by the company, including login credentials, passwords, and cloud resources.

Time Tracking

Enable employees to clock in and out using their personal smartphone.


Geo Location

While employees are clocked in, see their geolocation and have a record where they were during working hours.



The SSO and Account Management sentences are missing periods (Time tracking and Geo Location have periods).

Application Management

Provision, manage, and delete user accounts quickly


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Junify Integration

Your business demands more from your technology partners. Let Junify show you how. Junify starts with optimizing mobile phone usage for desk free workers, but extends the platform for desk workers by integrating all resources into one portal. No need for passwords, multiple logins, and lost time. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and how Junify can better address your network and business so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Secure: Sleep better knowing there is reduced risk and reduced day-to-day cost related to your user's access to your cloud and network resources.

Customizable: We can customize and integrate any legacy, operational processes, or other resources that are on your network.

Easy to Use: Nearly all functions can be managed from a desktop via a browser or from your mobile phone, giving you easy-to-use access to the benefits of Junify.

Reliable: Junify is cloud based and fully redundant giving you the reliability your business needs.