Delivering Security and Productivity
to Your Cloud Centric Network


No local data left on device, turning switch off can restrict all access to companies information immediately by just one tap and can be control by variables below:

  • User
  • Time
  • Location
  • Key
  • Device
  • Shadow IT


Manage many SaaS applications in one place and distribute right services to right people.

  • VDI Integration
  • SSO
  • Time Clock
  • Location Tracking
  • SAAS Management


We monitor the hassel and generate them as report so you can focus on your work and be productive.

  • Audit
  • Query of Audit Log
  • PayRoll Time Reporting

Cloud Application Launch Pad

Enable your staff to quickly launch any company cloud resource with one click. No need to remember or enter a username or password, making it more productive and secure.

Virtual Desktop Integration

Add a virtual Windows 10 desktop that is stored in the cloud allowing your staff to get to the same computer whether at home, at work, or on the road.

Cloud Access Security

Control access to your cloud applications and virtual desktop like you never have before. Choose to limit access by user, application, device, time, and/or location.

User Management

Manage users, permissions, and groups from Junify. Import users from Active Directory.

Working Time Management

Provide your staff an efficient and easy way to clock-in and out of work. Export your data into other operational processes, such as payroll and billing.


Produce audit log reports and view cloud app usage by user (only based on data and usage while users are working).


Focus is an optional feature that tracks the number of minutes an employee is on their mobile phone while at work (working switch turned on), but keeps the phone entirely private when the employee is not working. The result is a significant reduction in personal phone usage while at work.

Easy Setup

No Hardware

No Software

No Coding Requirment

Minimal Network Configuration

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